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Leading Directly to “Practical Compassion”

Sunday, February 28, 2021

11:15 a.m. via Live Stream

Service Leaders

Jay Leach, minister, with Melissa Mummert and John Herrick

Welcome Visitors

Our members are diverse in their personal religious perspectives. Some members are lifelong Unitarian Universalists; most have come from other religious traditions; many have never before been part of a faith community.

Sunday Service – Of Abundance and Scarcity: “Every day . . . filled with miracles”

Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte is a place where:

  • You are encouraged to discover your own spiritual path
  • Everyone is welcomed, heard, included and respected
  • We embrace and celebrate diversity
  • We care for and support each other in times of joy and in sorrow
  • People live out their faith through intersectional justice activities
  • Children learn about the world’s religions
  • We revere the interdependent web of life and care for our planet

If these principles and practices appeal to you, we invite you to come and experience our liberating faith.