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Family Ministry

Working closely with our Children and Youth Religious Education program, Family Ministry provides opportunities, resources, and support for families to engage their collective spiritual life and the work of societal and environmental transformation with more intention and depth while here in the UUCC and at home. In addition, Family Ministry provides opportunities to help our congregation be the village that supports families in the raising of their children.

Parents/caregivers and children are always navigating the tangle of intentions and realities that make up their daily lives together. In the years spent living together, family members are constantly growing and changing while maintaining busy school, work, and activity schedules. How do families manage to make meaning through it all? Family Ministry programming serves as a way of helping families honor meaningful transitions in family life, explore their place in the interdependent web of existence, and align family life with a deeper understanding of intersectional justice.

Reach out to our Minister, Eve Stevens to learn more: