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Resources for Families

In the hope that practicing Unitarian Universalist principles will enrich your family’s life, we offer these resources for families.

Child and Youth Protection Program

The UUCC Child and Youth Protection Program consists of a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and rules which guide all activities involving children and youth. During this program’s last update, short summary documents were prepared for each area of interest:

All volunteers in regular contact with children or youth must agree to a criminal background check. Contact the CYRE Director with any questions or reports through our contact form.


Children and youth up through 8th grade must have an on-site adult responsible for each child at all times on Sunday mornings. This is not a requirement for high school youth.

Parenting Classes

Resources for parentsWe offer classes specifically aimed at parents and caregivers through our Adult Religious Education Spiritual Development (ARESD) program. Some classes are led by staff; others are led by lay leaders. Look for offerings advertised in the Currents newsletter and on the ARESD table in Freeman Hall.

Weekly Class Summaries and Middle School Wake-Ups

We believe parents are better able to support their children’s religious education experiences when they know the topics covered in the classes each Sunday. So, we ask our teachers to distribute a summary of morning classes each Sunday to parents. The weekly class summaries encourage families to explore the lessons together and provide parents with conversation starters. In addition, CYRE staff email a weekly Middle School Wake-Up, which advises parents and youth on upcoming activities and classes.

Recommended Books

Many wonderful books exist that are either directly related to Unitarian Universalism or that support our principles. Parenting and children’s books are available for online purchase at the UUA Bookstore, including Chaos, Wonder and the Spiritual Adventure of Parenting, The Gift of Faith: Tending the Spiritual Lives of Children and A Child’s Book of Blessings and Prayers. Our Director of the Religious Education Program for Children and Youth compiled a more comprehensive list for your review.

Chalice Lightings

Is lighting a chalice part of your family’s ritual? To add spirit to your chalice lighting, contact us for recommendations on readings for children and youth.


UU@Home provides monthly suggestions and support for faith development in your home. The site offers simple ideas for families to strengthen their UU identity and their UU culture at home. It’s also a great way to connect with other UU parents.

UU World Family Pages

Families: Weave a Tapestry of Faith is the four-page, color insert in UU World Magazine, with stories, activities and reflections drawn from Tapestry of Faith religious education programs and resources.

Taking It Home: Families and Faith

Written by Unitarian Universalist leaders who have UU families of their own, this series of booklets supports congregations and families during life transitions and spiritual/ethical challenges. Choose a booklet that interests or challenges you and your family, and discover ways to talk about it.

Doing Good Together

Looking for family social justice activities? In addition to opportunities at UUCC, check out Doing Good Together. Whether you have five minutes or five hours to give, whether you have an infant or a teen, whether you are doing well or working hard to get by, your family has a contribution to make. In the process, you will teach your children that giving back is a natural part of growing up.


We encourage parents to introduce their 11-to-15-year-olds to KidSpirit, which allows kids to discuss values and life’s big questions in a safe and moderated forum. The founders at KidSpirit strive to create a supportive social network in which kids around the globe can feel free to interact and communicate about complex issues in a compassionate and pluralistic manner. The KidSpirit Magazine is edited by a group of talented teens who meet monthly to discuss ideas for new issues and to encourage open dialogue with other kids from around the globe.