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Sunday, January 16 at 9:30 a.m.

Service Leaders
Jay Leach, minister; Vivian Brenner and Dick Kistler, Lay Service Leaders

Coordinating Team

Under our governing structure at the UUCC, the Coordinating Team (CT) acts as the chief executive, making key decisions about the day-to-day business of the organization. The CT reports directly to the Board of Trustees under a management model known as Policy Governance. The Board determines the limits of the Team’s authority through formal policies. Those policies empower the Team to direct how we pursue our congregational Vision and Mission.

The called minister is the lead member of the Coordinating Team. The Board has the authority to appoint other members. Currently, the CT is composed of Minister Jay Leach, Minister Eve Stevens and Director of Administration Alesia Hutto. In the past, there has been a another member representing a broad swath of our programming. For the present, that need is met indirectly as other professional staff report to the Jay and Eve, who represent their programming areas on the CT. The CT meets weekly, generally on Wednesdays.

Key to the operation of the UUCC, the CT prepares the annual budget and reviews it with the Finance Team and Board of Trustees before presenting it to the membership at its annual meeting, the Congregational Conversation.

Team Members

Worship 10 12 14_010Minister Jay Leach also serves as Chief of Staff. In that role, he makes all hiring decisions except the calling of a new minister. Jay serves as staff member of the Worship and Intersectional Justice Teams. All other professional staff report either directly or indirectly to him.

Minister Eve Stevens is relatively new to the UUCC, having joined our staff in the spring of 2018, but she is a full-fledged member of the Coordinating Team. Eve serves on the Worship Team and is the staff liaison to the Community Building and Family Ministry Teams.

Director of Administration Alesia Hutto has responsibility for the day-to-day financial management of the UUCC, as well as management of our facility and front-office operations. She is assisted in these roles by volunteer Treasurer Ron Maccaroni, as well as by Office Administrator Belinda Parry. Alesia is staff to several teams. She reports to Jay but collaborates with him in his role on the CT.

Coordinating Team Board Reports

Every month the CT reports to the Board of Trustees on finances, membership and generally on progress toward fulfilling our Mission and Ends. The “narratives” portions of those reports, compiled with the assistance of all the professional staff, along with “monthly participation numbers” are available below.