Your Settled Minister Search Team is conducting a survey that is a critical part of our work. We are asking you to answer, by October 6, a series of multiple-choice and open-ended questions that will help the Team in the search process. Each member in multi-member households should complete this survey. It can be submitted online using this link: UUCC Ministerial Search Survey

You may also fill out a hard copy, available in Freeman Hall after Sunday services, or request one by mail from the UUCC office. And a PDF version of the survey can be downloaded here: UUCC Ministerial Search Survey PDF

We are one of dozens of Unitarian Universalist congregations engaging simultaneously in the process of seeking a Settled Minister. It is a months-long but well-structured process, conducted in covenant with our sibling UU communities and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

We expect the search will culminate in Spring 2024 with the Search Team coming to you with a candidate for your approval. Under our Bylaws, we must issue a call to the new minister by a 90% majority vote of the congregation. All the more important for us to gather your feedback.

Once again, our deadline is Friday, October 6. Thank you!

Your UUCC Settled Minister Search Team,

Barry Ahrendt
Althea Clark
Mic Elvenstar
Ellen Holliday (co-chair)
Rebekah Visco (co-chair)
Dave Warren
Kathryn Whitfield