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Stewardship Team Member 

Description: The Stewardship Team is charged with devising and implementing a stewardship campaign for the purpose of securing financial pledges from our members to support the work of the congregation. In addition, the team takes seriously the work of stewardship as a spiritual practice and discipline by giving members the opportunity to become an integral part of the congregation’s mission through meaningful financial involvement.  

Time Commitment: 3-year term; average 3-4 hours per month 

Member Attributes: Demonstrated commitment to UUCC Stewardship Program and inclination to verbalize this commitment; collegiality and ability to work in a group setting; creative thinker.  


  • Attend monthly meetings; bring creative ideas 
  • Share at least one testimonial per year about why you pledge generously 
  • Support canvassing efforts through participation in canvassing events and either canvassing members or thanking members who pledged 
  • Several times per year, talk with pledging members at the monthly Stewardship table in Freeman Hall  


Stewardship Canvasser  

Description: Stewardship Canvassers reach out to UUCC Pledging Members on a monthly basis, sharing why they generously support the Stewardship Program and encourage others to do the same. Face-to-face meetings are encouraged, though not always possible. Generous financial support gives life to the UUCC and its life-changing programming and all members are encouraged to give 5% of their annual income.     

Time Commitment: varies 

Canvasser Attributes: Demonstrated commitment to UUCC Stewardship Program and inclination to verbalize this commitment; social and a good conversationalist; ability to follow-up.   


  • Contact 1-2 members per month, as requested by staff 
  • Contact may happen by email, phone, video, in person, etc. 
  • Thank member, share why you pledge generously, encourage member to also pledge generously 
  • Follow-up with members as needed 
  • Attend canvasser training. Social events will be optional 


If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact Kelly Greene,