Upcoming Events

Membership Team Member

Description: Members of this Team consider the experiences of visitors, new members and existing members and try to improve our community’s welcome and engagement.

Time Commitment: We meet for 1 ½ hours one weeknight per month. Once or twice per year we contact, usually through email, members who are no longer engaged in the life of UUCC. Once each month after services, we staff a table with a listing of available volunteer opportunities in Freeman Hall. Since being virtual, one volunteer per month has hosted Getting to Know Us, a visitor session, for up to 45 minutes. Approximately quarterly, we may host an in-person visitor gathering.

Attributes: Newer or experienced members; willingness to have conversations with other members; ability to notice and consider the experiences of others and share feedback. Creative ideas are welcome.


Description: Greeters notice and welcome newcomers as they enter the building on Sunday mornings. Greeters answer visitor questions, show them where to find bathrooms, the sanctuary, etc. At the Visitor Table in Freeman Hall after services, they help visitors learn more about us. Greeters will occasionally be asked to assist at memorial services and other events.

Time Commitment: Approximately 45 minutes before and 30 minutes after one service, one Sunday per month

Attributes: Friendliness; ability to notice those who are new; willingness to talk with visitors; ability to share information about UUCC and Unitarian Universalism.

Membership Events

Descriptions: These events may include potluck dinners for new members and Saturday morning receptions for visitors. Duties include set up and clean-up, serving food, making coffee, registering and greeting attendees.

Time Commitment: Varies, one to four hours

Attributes: Friendliness

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact Kelly Greene,