Upcoming Events

Community Building 

Team Member Description: Team members help plan, organize, and promote eventstypically one event per month, and then review those events after the factSome events prioritize creating a more intentional setting for people to get to know one another (sparking conversations, social suppers) others are intended to allow Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte folks to have an opportunity to simply socialize and have fun (game night, parties, annual picnic, movie night).  

Time Commitment: less than twohour meeting once a month; 2-4 hours additional each month to help with events on a rotating basis 

Member Attributes: 2-3 “worker bees” people who are willing and able to be present to manage set up, event, and clean up (we will be losing the most active/committed members of the team)Personable, creative, flexibleHave shown their ability to be actively welcoming of others in the congregation 


Coffee Service 

Description: On Sunday mornings, work with another volunteer to make coffee, set out snacks and either set up or clean up mugs, tables in Freeman Hall 

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours, one Sunday morning per month 

Attributes: Kitchen experience helpful but not needed; ability to manage multiple tasks; work well with others 


Coffee Service Coordinator 

Description: Coordinates scheduling of coffee servers, trains new coffee servers, fills in when needed; helps ensure coffee service runs smoothly 

Time Commitment: Two hours per month for communication and training; more if needed for filling in shifts 

Attributes: Timely, clear communication; well-organized, patient trainer 


Additional Community Building Volunteer Opportunities: 

  • People committed to helping with set up and clean up for events 
  • People to help plan, decorate, set up, cleanup, serve cookies or cider with the Christmas Eve cookie receptions 
  • People to create flyers/posters and decorate for events   
  • People to offer appropriate interests to help create social opportunities for congregants (such as movie nights)  

If you are interested in any of these roles, contact Kelly Greene,