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Communications at the UUCC encompasses support for all graphics, design, writing, photography, web and social media needs of UUCC staff, teams, task groups and the congregation. Communications Team members and ad hoc volunteers are artists, writers, photographers, designers and others with experience with and passion for clear, eye-catching messaging to UUCC members and visitors and to the larger community. 

 Communications Team 

Description: The Communications Team provides graphics, design, writing, photography, web and social media services directly to Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte (UUCC) staff, teams, and task groups for smaller-scale projects and works with contractors hired by the UUCC on larger projects. The team meets monthly to discuss current and ongoing projects. Additionally, individual team members may attend additional meetings as liaisons to teams or task groups that have communications projects or needs. 

Time Commitment: Three-year term; monthly meetings; occasional attendance at other meetings; additional time outside meetings to work on projects as needed. 

Member Attributes: Creative thinking; graphics, design, writing, photography, web or social media experience 

Ad Hoc Roles 

Description: Use creative skills to assist with Communications projects 

Time Commitment: Varies per project 

Attributes: Varies per project 

If you are interested in serving on this Team, please contact Belinda Parry,