The annual theme for UUCC has been chosen! This is the message we will lean into in 2023-24 and incorporate into the life of the congregation.

Living Into Relationship: Nurturing Loving Community offers us a chance to create meaningful connections, practice covenantal relationships, and to put this piece of the UUCC mission into action.

When we talk about “living into” things, we mean that we give more than a nod to them. When we live into them, we engage with them fully, including wrestling with the uncomfortable parts. The origins of “relationship” tell us that we are creating or shaping connections. So, living into relationship is engaging fully with our creation or shaping of connections.

From this space, living into relationship with intention will lead to nurturing loving community.

During the upcoming program year, we will infuse this theme and this intention into the whole community – worship, small group ministry, lifespan religious education, and more. We hope you will join us on this journey, and look forward to living into relationship and nurturing loving community with you all.