In recent years, we have seen the endemic resurgence of book censorship in state and local governments across the United States. Banning access to books and literacy has long been used as a tool in the white supremacist war against marginalized communities. This booklet lays out the current state of book bans in the United States and highlights the many devastating ways censorship impacts us all. It additionally includes a concrete list of actions anyone can take, with direct
links to resources for combatting the right’s ongoing attempt to inhibit people’s right to read freely. We encourage everyone to use this guide to educate yourselves and others about the consequences of book bans and the steps you can take to oppose censorship in your own communities and beyond.

As one of the country’s oldest publishers, Beacon Press has always succeeded in shining a light on injustice in the most repressive of times—and the right’s current
“anti-woke” hysteria has only strengthened our resolve and commitment.

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