Seniors Share meets via Zoom at 4:00 on the first Wednesday of the month. All will be given a platform to share memories, stories, concerns, traditions and triumphs. Each month will have a theme.

They also meet in-person, at MUGS Coffee at 5126 Park Road at 2:00 on the third Wednesday.

Anyone in our community over 65 years of “youngness” is welcome to join. For more information, email Jane Kusterer at

Mission Statement for SENIORS SHARE

Seniors Share…oh yes, they do!
Like “I’m going deaf. How about you?”
Seniors share all our aches and pains,
Our surgery sagas, our bugaboos, our banes: Share our “Gee Whizzes, our “Dear me-s and “oy-s,”
But follow up promptly with great jokes and joys.

Seniors share scenes from the good ole days,
Recalling the hell we used to raise!
Seniors will share their photos, too:
“Ho, do I have a Sepia for you!”
We share our traditions, our stories, our tales: Our breezy pasts – both zephyrs and gales!
Seniors share feelings but spare them, too:
Update their healings post “much ado”.

Yes…Seniors share, and here’s a hunch
that some in this bunch will even do lunch!
Seniors share and are often big hearted
so lets make memories together
before we are parted!