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Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) Team Member  

Description: As the visioning body for the CYRE Program, the Team’s responsibilities include policy approval, curriculum/programming input, program evaluation, support for teachers and advisors, coordination of special CYRE activities, feedback on worship involving children and youth, and support for families enrolled in CYRE.   

Time Commitment: 3-year term; monthly meetings; regular observation of CYRE Program activities, such as worship services led by youth and special CYRE Program events; summer Saturday retreat. 

Member Attributes: The team functions best when comprised of members representing various demographics and possessing different skill sets: parents with children in the program, preferably one for each age level; current or previous involvement in the larger congregation; ability to think big picture; skills in event planning.  All must have an appreciation for the importance of children and youth in the congregation and the larger faith community.   



CYRE Teacher and Youth Advisor  

  • CYRE SpiritPlay Teacher 
  • CYRE Elementary Teacher 
  • CYRE Middle School Teacher 
  • CYRE Senior High Advisor 

Description: Serve as a member of a teaching team with 4-5 members, with two members assigned each week as lead and assistant. Curriculum is provided, along with training at the annual teacher orientation. Planning time increases with each age group. Senior High advisors have the largest time and planning responsibilities.   

Time Commitment: August teacher orientation highly recommended. Classes are held most Sundays and teachers work approximately half of them. 

Member Attributes: Commitment to the importance of children and youth in our congregation and in the larger faith community; comfort with the specific age group and its developmental needs; ability to build respectful relationships; maturity; flexibility; team player; high school teens welcome as teachers for SpiritPlay and elementary classes; youth advisors must be 25. 



Our Whole Lives (OWL) Facilitator: 1st-2nd, 5th-6th, 8th, 10th-12th grades 

Description: With the provided curriculum, coordinate with team members to lead sessions as assigned on schedule.  Keep up-to-date on changing needs and material. 

Time Commitment: Weekend training recommended for elementary classes and required for youth classes.  Dates and locations vary. At least one planning session in the FallParent orientation in the Fall. 

Classes meet January  March. 

  • 1st-2nd OWL: 9 Sunday afternoons, 1.5 hr classes (ea team mbr attds half) 
  • 5th-6th OWL: 12 Sunday afternoon, 1.75 hr classes (ea team mbr attds half) 
  • 8th-9th OWL: Partial weekend retreat plus 7 Sunday afternoon, 2-4 hr classes (team mbrs attd ¾ of all classes) 
  • 10th-12th OWL: Two partial weekend retreats 

Member Attributes: Official training as noted above; commitment to value-based, comprehensive sexuality education; comfort with the specific age group and its developmental needs; ability to build respectful relationships; maturity; flexibility; team player; minimum age: 25. 



Our Whole Lives (OWL) Coordinator 

Description: Provide logistical support for OWL class facilitators: message parents or youth on their behalf; prepare supply boxes; help with material needs 

Time Commitment: December 2020 – March 2021.  Approximately 3-5 hours/month. 

Member Attributes: Strong understanding of the OWL Program at the UUCC. 


Coming of Age Coordinator 

Description: Work closely with the CYRE Director to plan and implement the biannual Coming of Age Program. Attend at least one of the two retreats. Assist / lead August orientation, monthly Sunday evening meetings, and celebratory banquet/service. 

Time Commitment: July – May as noted above. 

Member Attributes: Familiarity with the Coming of Age Program and commitment to its goals; comfort with this specific age group and its developmental needs; ability to build respectful relationships; maturity.  



Coming of Age Mentors 

Description: Act as a guide to a youth enrolled in the biannual Coming of Age Program; attend mentor orientation, monthly Sunday evening meetings, and the celebratory banquet/service; engage with youth in accordance with safe congregation policies; prepare and present their personal credo. 

Time Commitment: Fall – Spring 

Member Attributes: Comfort with this specific age group and its developmental needs; ability to build respectful relationships; maturity.  



Children and Youth RE Program Volunteer Opportunities  

  • Serve as a Greeter on Sunday mornings to welcome families and answer or refer questions to staff.  Simple training provided.  Commitment: 2-4 times/semester; 9-9:20am OR 11-11:20am.  
  •  Coordinate or help with a multigenerational event like Kids in a Box, Crafts with Santa, Operation Sandwich, February Friends, etc.  Commitment: all event leaders work as part of a team. 
  • Staff the CYRE office on Sundays. Must be familiar with the program.  Commitment: 1-3 Sundays/semester; 8:45-10:45am OR 10:45am-12:45pm. 
  • Serve on the high school youth-led leadership team, the SQUUAD, as one of the supportive adults. Commitment: monthly meetings plus attendance at 2-4 events/year.  
  • Serve as a resource person for arts and crafts projects as needed. 
  • Serve as a teaching substitute.  Must have prior experience as a CYRE teacher or have served multiple times as a Parent Assistant. 
  • Help organize Middle School Youth Group activities. Commitment: 1-3/year. 
  • Create small “manipulatives” to use with SpiritPlay stories (small items to illustrate the story as it is told.) Staff will provide ideas.  


  • If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities, contact Director of Member Relations, Kelly Greene, kelly@uuccharlotte.org.