You might think that because we are not meeting in person, not much volunteer work has been happening. Ron Maccaroni, Treasurer for Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte (UUCC) for the past five years, has thankfully been hard at work on our behalf the whole time. Ron signs UUCC and Open Door School checks so we can pay our bills. Every month, he spends a couple of hours checking all our bank accounts, reviewing every bill and every deposit to reconcile our financial statements. At the end of each fiscal year he takes a closer look at the balances and makes sure everything posted correctly. There have been times he’s spent days or weeks reconciling.  

When UUCC renewed the mortgage in September, Ron worked with the bank to provide all the documentation and complete all the forms needed. When Paycheck Protection Program loan requirements were made public, Ron researched to be prepared when applications became available, as a way to help cover pay for Open Door School employees while they were closedRon quickly submitted the loan application, signed the note for that loan, filled out the application for forgiveness and provided all the invoices, spreadsheets, etc. required for that.  

Before the pandemic, Ron helped us transition between database systems, figuring out correct beginning balances, entering information into two systems for several months and making sure everything transferred over correctly. “It was a fair amount of work”, Ron says.  

Rons service to our religious community started on the Finance Team, eventually serving as chair. On this Team, he updated our financial policies, helped ensure we had financial audits, and helped establish a reserve account. Ron found a way to credit those of us who pay our pledges with credit cards for the amount pledged, though UUCC receives less due to the processing fee. When his term on the Finance Team ended, Ron stayed in his role as Treasurer.  

Ron told me he does all of this work because he enjoys it. He likes figuring out what happened when numbers don’t add up. He referred to himself as “a numbers guy”, someone who is comfortable with numbers and who knows accounting. His consistent behind-the-scenes work has touched everyone at UUCC, even if we were not aware of it. Thanks to Ron for all he does to help make what we do together possible.