Erin’s start with volunteering at Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte (UUCC) was a pirate dinner hosted by our then Young Adult Group. She said that’s when she realized volunteers are a significant part of what makes many events at UUCC possible.

Soon after, Erin joined our Community Building Team. There she became more aware of how things get planned and done. As a young adult, Erin was flattered to be entrusted with the responsibility to give input and make events happen. She loved it. This team was full of optimistic, creative energy, with lots of room to suggest off the wall ideas – and also given tools to make events happen, she says.

Erin also served on the Children and Youth Religious Education Team (CYRE). As a non-parent, here she learned about a different part of our congregation. She feels she now has a more complete understanding of the life of UUCC.

As a participant in a Discovery Circle, our small group ministry, Erin enjoyed getting to know UUCC members she might not otherwise meet. This inspired her to start Rainbow Connections, a small group for LGBTQIA+ people. From this group, she learned different facets of the spectrum and built intergenerational connections with other queer UUs. It also allowed her to reflect on changes in the LGBTQIA+ experience over the decades.

Connected to this, Erin has helped coordinate our annual participation in the Pride parade and festival. Erin spent many hours sharing her love for our community and our welcome with visitors to the UUCC both.

Erin is currently serving in her first year on our Communications Team. She is one of those considering ways – including social media — to help the larger community know about our beloved community. You might have also enjoyed her efforts to create transcripts for our services on YouTube.

Erin says her involvement at UUCC has helped her to be less judgmental, more compassionate and better able to admit when she is wrong. This community offers opportunities to learn and become better versions of ourselves, she believes. Erin loves that this congregation can be approachable and funny and do serious work. She feels that it is up to members to make this the community we want it to be. She has learned that volunteering funds, ideas and work which are a part of how we create so she strives to do her part. Thank you, Erin, for all you do to help us have fun, do that hard work and be a loving community.