Dave is doing impactful work serving on our Intersectional Justice Team. Over 20 years ago, he started volunteering at Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte (UUCC) by serving on the Children and Youth Religious Education Team. It was not a perfect fit, though he did learn a lot about that program.

His next volunteer role was on our Board of Trustees. With the Board, Dave enjoyed big picture thinking and monitoring how we are doing what we say we want to do. Especially since it was during the last recession, it was stressful – and he is glad he did it. Dave prefers to be in the background. Even so, Dave served as co-chair. He considered that someone needed to do it, he cares about this community and he figured he could do it as well as anyone else, so he should. These are also reasons Dave agreed to serve on our Stewardship Team and Safety Patrol.

Dave loved his three years of coordinating our monthly Credo presentations, where members share their spiritual journeys and practices. He says he learned much from hearing all the fascinating things members shared.

A lifelong environmentalist, Dave joined our first Environmental Justice Core Group. With other group members, he helped facilitate as they gained deeper understanding together. This experience was a huge awakening, Dave says. He previously thought of environmental work as saving peaceful, sacred spaces that he could visit. He learned that for some people, environmental justice is a matter of not getting sick and dying. Dave moved on to serve on our Environmental Justice Engagement Group. He wants to help others to learn and make a difference. He says he is still learning and now sees issues of environmental justice every day.

Dave really likes his work on the Intersectional Justice Team. Serving as our liaison for Reentry Housing Alliance, Dave helps to figure out how our community can help them accomplish their goal of expanding housing options for our neighbors with records. Seeing UUCC volunteers make a concrete difference has been rewarding for Dave. Our model of doing intense learning and following the lead of those in our community most impacted by the issues we study is hard and definitely impactful, Dave has concluded. The more he is involved, the more he believes in what we are doing.

Volunteering at UUCC makes Dave feel like he is contributing to a better world. He learns and grows so much from the volunteer work and the experience it brings that he cannot imagine not having this in his life. To those who have not yet volunteered, Dave suggests jumping in and starting somewhere. If what you try doesn’t feel right, try something else. Getting engaged in and serving this congregation will deepen your experience, Dave believes. We are grateful for Dave’s long dedication and the ways he is helping us to contribute to a more just world.