In the few years she has been involved with our community, Bryce has found multiple ways to serve at Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte (UUCC). Both her children were attending religious education, so along with her kids, she started by helping with that program’s events.

Since she had indicated it as an interest when she became a member of UUCC, Bryce was asked to do coffee service. In this role, she works with other volunteers to make coffee, put out snacks and clean up after coffee hour on Sunday mornings. This felt like a ready-made, safe and straightforward way to interact with others, a way to integrate herself into the community.

When Bryce was invited to become a middle school teacher, she was flattered to be considered capable – and it seemed like a big responsibility. To her, kids that age are a nice mix between kids and adults; they are happy to play and can have some mature conversations. For Bryce, spending time with our middle schoolers has been fun.

Bryce also serves on our Family Ministry Team, where they consider how to create community for UUCC families. She has enjoyed planning events with this group and has found it a nice way to be social. The wide range in ages of her team members has added to her appreciation of the experience.

When Bryce heard that a facilitator was needed for a Parent Discovery Circle, she volunteered, thinking it was something she might do well. Talking about parenting is an easy way to get people talking, she learned. She has found this another great way to get to know other members better.

All this volunteering has helped Bryce meet and interact with other members without having to overthink it. It has strengthened her feeling of being connected to our community. Volunteering is how you find your people, she advises. In our congregation, she has met kind, interesting, smart, thoughtful people. Bryce believes we are doing ourselves a disservice if we are not doing things for each other and with each other. In her experience, sometimes you don’t know you need the connection volunteering brings until you do it. Even when it has been hard to start, she has been glad after the experience. We are glad for all the ways Bryce has gotten involved and helped others make connections within our community.