When Jim and his wife Megan were new, they started serving as ushers during our Sunday morning services. For several years, they handed out orders of service, helped people find seats and collected the offering. As he did this, Jim got to know names and faces and start to feel connected in our community.

Jim has served on the stewardship team, which helps encourage generous financial support from our members, two times. While some shy away from essential conversations about money, Jim shared thoughtful, inspiring messages about generosity with our congregation.

In our sound booth during Sunday services, Jim learned about sound production, how sound works, what causes feedback, etc. Because people quickly notice when it is not working, this role has required focus and a new level of attention — which he says helped him get the most out of the service. He enjoys thinking about the topics of our services. With the transition to slides and live-streaming the service, Jim has liked the collegiality of working alongside a video volunteer in the booth.

Another Senior High Advisor suggested Jim would be a great addition to their group, so he agreed to try it. Jim considers listening to the youth as a primary part of his role. He strives to give them helpful things to consider and provide some guidance about healthy ways to relate to themselves and others. Our youth are bolder than he ever was, he noticed. While he identifies with some challenges our teens face, he recognizes that others, such as 24/7 social media, he did not experience. As an Advisor, Jim can provide the kind of non-parent adult conversation that might have helped him walk through the challenges of those years.

Jim is also currently serving on the Open Door School (our preschool) Managing Team, helping with their finances. Joining the Team in 2020, Jim has aided during the unexpected experience of the past year.

In the beginning, Jim volunteered so he could get to know people and find his place in our congregation. Volunteering has helped Jim create deeper relationships with the community and with other members. There is nothing like it for furthering a spiritual life, he thinks. If you are wondering about volunteering in any of the roles Jim has had, Jim is offering a judgement free consult. Thank you, Jim, for the gift of your intentional, dedicated service to our community!