Even under the limitations of the quarantine, some committed UUCC members have been engaged in intersectional justice work through our partnership with the Reentry Housing Alliance (RHA). Called into this work and then trained by RHA leaders Chablis Dandridge and Traletta Banks, our members were instrumental in creating a new housing database for those seeking to reenter the Charlotte community after release from incarceration. Now this vulnerable and oppressed population has a remarkable new resource to guide their search for safe and affordable housing.

We’re now entering a new phase of this work. At the request of our partners at RHA, we’re specifically engaging those who were previously involved to take this work to a much deeper and more impactful place. This next round of contacts will invite landlords and rental property owners s to join in support and advocacy of the work of RHA.

This “co-conspiracy” is a great example of our new approach to justice work beyond our walls. Recommended by our Racial Justice Engagement Group, then coordinated by members of our Intersectional Justice Team, our role is to follow the lead of those with lived experience who can identify the need and the ways our involvement can help meet it. With many worthy charitable efforts supported by many generous congregations in our area, we are taking a different, and more courageous approach—one that seeks to address the need for systemic, transformational change.

Our new friends at the Reentry Housing Alliance have hailed our involvement and the difference it is making in their work. They’ve acclaimed our willingness to follow their lead and to understand our appropriate role in these efforts. If you’d like to read more about our co-conspirators, you can view their website at http://charlottereentry.org/ and read their latest newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/38a4a83746a3/december-newsletter?e=2bf4e88422.

Watch Currents for a new advocacy effort in conjunction with this work in the new year. As the RHA engages to change policy and to create opportunity, they’ll welcome our continued and deepened support.

For now, special thanks to Megan Van Fleet and Dave Walsh who have led our efforts and to those of you who said “yes” to this opportunity by making so many phone calls to landlords and rental agencies. We’re grateful for those who, even in this time, embody a deep commitment to justice through your personal engagement.