You recently received a message about the creation of our UUCC CARES Fund. This Fund, created by contributions from our members from their Federal stimulus checks and other sources, is intended to be a resource to help us meet the needs of our own members in these difficult days.

We are most grateful for the generosity of our initial contributors. Several of you responded immediately and helped create a sufficient balance in the Fund so that we can now make it operational.

This means we are now able to receive requests for assistance from our members in need. (This Fund is intended specifically for current members of the UUCC.) Please understand, if the pandemic has created financial instability for you or your family, if you find yourself in a place where financial assistance would help meet critical needs or lower the stress you are feeling, this Fund is for you. We have created this together to support one another. We urge you to ask for the help you need now.

All requests will be kept confidential and will only be shared with those administering the Fund. Please contact our minister Eve Stevens at, our minister Jay Leach at, or Alesia, our Director of Administration at

We anticipate many more of us will want to contribute in the coming days, especially now that you know the Fund is making disbursements. If you are able, please share your abundance with those feeling deep anxiety and financial stress. Note that you can contribute in two ways:

1. By mailing a check to UUCC CARES Fund, Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, 234 North Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC 28211. Write “UUCC CARES Fund” in the memo line.
2. Or by contributing online on the UUCC website. Click the “GIVE TO UUCC / MET” button at the bottom of the home page. Use the “Special Collections” option and write in “UUCC CARES Fund.”

We look forward to hearing from those in need and from those able to share.

As mentioned before, contributions to the Fund are considered special contributions and will not be considered as payments on your pledge. In addition to this Fund, we urge all members who are able to make and honor the most generous pledge possible. We need your ongoing support in order to sustain us as a congregation.

Our thanks for your gifts and for allowing us to help meet your needs. Our deepest thanks for helping us to make real our End claiming that “We are a joyful, loving, religious community of people who are deeply connected to each other.”


Doug Swaim, Director of Administration
Jay Leach, Minister
Martha Kniseley, Adult Programming Coordinator