For a while, many of us remained hopeful that quarantine measures would only last a month or so. Despite a few changes here and there, it appears we will be living lives physically distant from one another for quite some time.

If you have been reluctant to tussle with technology up to now or if you’ve been tussling away to no avail, consider contacting the UUCC Tech Squad. The Tech Squad is a group of tech-savvy UUCC members who have agreed to volunteer some of their time helping the rest of us get better connected with the ongoing opportunities our congregation is offering in virtual format.

If you’ve had trouble viewing the Sunday services, can’t get Zoom to cooperate, need help finding our virtual programming on our website, can’t find the UUCC members Facebook page, etc. reach out to Christine Fogarty to set up an appointment with someone from our Tech Squad (

We want to help get as many folks as possible connected to what we’re offering. Those who need the help may not be checking email or Facebook making it harder to get the word out to them. Our Congregational Care Team continues to make regular phone calls to members to check-in and to ask folks if they’ve been able to connect with us virtually. Additionally, if you know of someone who is struggling with technology, please direct them to the Tech Squad as well.