Experiencing our youth-led high school service this past Sunday, we were reminded of the tremendous impact our member-supported programming has on our lives and the lives of our youth. And over the next several weeks, we will be holding numerous activities—both online and in-person (safely distanced)—that will give us opportunities to socialize, learn and be inspired. Even in the midst of a global pandemic we are a thriving community, thanks to the generous financial support of those who are able to pledge right now.

If you pledge month is November, pledges are due. Our 2021 Stewardship Campaign is electronic this year, so if you did not receive your emailed pledge materials, can’t locate them or need clarification on your stewardship month, please contact Kelly Greene at kelly@uuccharlotte.org. Also, another member may be contacting you to discuss your pledge and check-in—we hope you’ll consider this an opportunity to make a new friend. All members are asked to consider pledging 5% of gross household income or as generously as possible. Please know that even beyond your pledge month, your pledge can be updated at any time by contacting Kelly.

Thank you for being a valued member of the UUCC and for supporting the work of our community.

Your Stewardship Team: John Burns, co-chair, Cyndi Martinec, co-chair, Erica Blake, Elaine Camp, Chris Clark, Franklin McClelland, Shawn Morton and Gwynne Movius