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It is through your generous support that the UUCC is able to offer life-changing programming, support our dedicated staff and maintain our much-used building – all a means to an end in fulfilling our mission: Challenged by our liberating faith, we discover deeper spiritual meaning, nurture loving community, cultivate courageous connections, and partner in the work of justice. Your financial relationship to our congregation means a great deal to our members and to those in the larger community aided and inspired by our witness.

Take time to consider how the UUCC has had a positive impact on your life and the lives of those you care about. We ask all members to consider giving at least 5% of their gross household income. Recognizing that every member’s circumstances are different, we ask that you pledge as generously as you are able, believing that a generous financial commitment to your religious community invites a deeper engagement with that community.


In this interim ministry year as we re-examine all that we undertake as a congregation, including our approach to stewardship, we are making some adjustments to the campaign that we think will make it more user-friendly. We’re also adding seasonal events to celebrate and gather our community.

From monthly to seasonal campaigns…

This year’s campaign will vary slightly in that we’ll group former monthly pledge groups into three separate campaigns: “Fall” (formerly September through November), “Winter” (formerly December through February) and “Spring” (formerly March through June). By combining months, we’ll be able to streamline our efforts and provide additional time for communicating with members.

In the first month of each seasonal campaign, members will receive pledge renewal packets and an invitation to a community event; some members will be contacted by a canvasser. In the second month, pledge renewals will be due by the third Sunday and staff will follow up with members and canvassers. In the third month, pledge acknowledgments and thank you letters will be sent; additionally, we’ll take time to celebrate generosity by raising funds for a partner organization through our “Share the Plate” program.

Information about these changes will be in our stewardship communications throughout the year. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact one of your stewardship staff liaisons: Kelly Greene at, Alesia Hutto at and John Herrick at

You can make a pledge at any time by using this link.

Suggested levels of giving (click chart to enlarge):

Giving Chart


The UUCC is an IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) and 170(c) charitable religious organization. The UUCC tax-exempt federal identification number is 56-6056289. For estate tax purposes, bequests, legacies, devises, or transfers to the UUCC or the Trust are deductible as they are in accord with the provision of the Internal Revenue Code Section 2055(a) and related regulations.