In this article, we will explore ways to access services on Sundays or at any time.

Upcoming service information can be found on the UUCC’s homepage and in the menu on the left side of some pages. Most Thursdays, one of the highlighted “Lead Stories” in our Currents newsletter is what your staff refer to as a “service blurb,” an article that is intended to give insight into the topic of the upcoming service.

At 11:15 a.m. each Sunday, you can join other UUCC members and visitors watching our weekly service on our website’s Live Stream page using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other devices with internet access. In addition to the video player showing the service, this page has buttons to allow easy access to:

· our Facebook page, where you can join in community with other service-watchers,

· Virtual Coffee Hour immediately following the service,

· a page where you can contribute financially to the UUCC,

· forms for requesting more information about the UUCC and Congregational Care and to sign up for the Currents email list,

· and a link to the UUCC’s YouTube Channel, where you can watch the Sunday service as well as have access to services dating back to 2017 and videos of program offerings and special interests.

Once a service video has “premiered” on Sunday morning (click here to learn more about that process), it is available to watch at any time on the UUCC YouTube channel. Additionally, the three most recent Sunday service videos and audio recordings of sermons from previous services can be found on the UUCC website’s Video Archive page, which is updated each Monday morning.

During these unusual times, we hope that you find our service broadcasts accessible and user friendly. If you find yourself in need of technical assistance, please reach out to our UUCC Tech Squad.

As always, this important work couldn’t be accomplished without the generosity of our community. We are forever grateful for your volunteer and financial commitment.