Senior Connections meets on second Wednesdays at 1 p.m. on Zoom. Our primary focus is connection through camaraderie as we explore interesting topics, listen to guest speakers and make time for fun.

March 10 will consist of a discussion and sharing about how our family interactions have been changed by the pandemic.  Some questions to consider:
During the pandemic,
  1. what has changed about your family activities?
  2. what has changed about your family relationships?
  3. what has changed about your family communications?
  4. Are there other changes you have noticed?
April 14, we will have a discussion about technology advances and changes as a result of progress, as well as the pandemic.  Many of us have become more involved in entertainment while staying at home and find ourselves in a minefield of terms we might not understand such as “streaming” and “Roku” and “Firestick”.  What is the difference between a podcast and a webinar?  How do I buy the technology I need without spending a fortune?   How do I make the TV do what I want?   Paul Turner and anyone else who wants to hop on the “HELP” team will try to take some of the mystery out of this new world of technology.  Please send questions you would like answers for to, and Jinny will see that the right person gets them.

It will help to know if you plan to join us (but RSVP is not required). If you are planning to attend, please contact Jane Kusterer at or (704) 591-0901. If you need help connecting through Zoom, please let Eve Stevens know:

You can join us by clicking this link: