Have you looked at your photo in the member directory in Access UUCC recently? Is it as outdated as Rob and Michael’s was? If so, please help us update it. Instructions are below.

Many of us use these directories frequently to contact members we have not seen recently or who were mentioned in concerns. The photos are particularly useful to help associate names with faces. But there are two problems: 1) some entries do not have photos, and 2) many photos, especially family photos, are outdated. Some family photos show children who have by now become adolescents or even adults!

With cell phone cameras, it is easy to remedy this. So, “let’s picture us together” and update our photo directories. Take a headshot selfie for your individual directory listing and, if appropriate, take a family photo for the family directory. Upload the photos to your member profile in Access UUCC or email them to kelly@uuccharlotte.org. Oh, and if you look at your profile and notice other changes needed (address or phone), update them there or let Kelly know. In a few weeks (if we keep Kelly busy), we can have current online photo directories.

We look forward to receiving your “new” smiling faces soon!

— The Membership Team: Tara Anderson, Lincoln Baxter, Catherine Covington-East, Kelly Greene, Rita Heath-Singer, Claire Lukens, Linn Martin, Liza Pratt


To add or change your photo, click on the blue Member Login button at the bottom of every page at www.uuccharlotte.org. Once you are logged in, click on My Profile. Click the edit button to the right, then on the Family Photo and Personal Photo buttons to upload new photos.

To access the member directories, select the Directories dropdown at the top of the page, which will allow you to select a membership directory.

If any of this is not working, contact kelly@uuccharlotte.org for assistance.