With the retirement of Martha Kniseley as our Adult Programming Coordinator early this year and the impending retirement of Kathleen Carpenter as our Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth we’re now actively seeking a new person for our professional staff. Following the lead of other larger Unitarian Universalist congregations, we’ve created a job description for a religious educator who will offer leadership and oversight of the entire scope of our religious education programming.

We’ve posted this opening throughout the larger Unitarian Universalist community, in places where such professionals may look to discover new opportunities. Aware that we are “off-cycle” in our search—most positions for UU professionals come open in the spring and are filled in the summer—we’re facing an added challenge in these already challenging times. But, guided by our Interim Search Group—Craig Harbold, Melissa Schropp, Julie Smith and our ministers Eve Stevens and Jay Leach—we’re hopeful that we can find the right match, a creative, innovative, experienced professional who will serve us through June 2021.

Our inviting and flexible website is providing us a wonderful opportunity to present this opening. Go to https://uuccharlotte.org/staff/job-openings/ to read our announcement and job description.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this process, contact a member of the Interim Search Group. Watch these pages for updates as we continue through this process.

Many thanks to our pledging and giving members whose financial support makes it possible for us to seek the best possible religious educator for our community.