Reviewed by Susan Cox~

 Klein has compiled her public talks, essays, and thought pieces from the past decade in this book. These writings explore why humanity’s reaction to climate change does not reflect the reality that our house is on fire and we cannot tinker and deny any longer. Klein notes that often the wrong question is being asked, such as “How can we reduce emissions while maintaining robust GDP growth?” (We can’t). Is geoengineering a viable strategy? She calls out the root causes of this crisis. Those root causes include unregulated capitalism, massive consumerism, extractivism, racism and othering, and scientific rationalism. Cultural scrutiny gets airtime, including “never underestimate the power of hate or the power of direct appeals to power over “the other”. 

The need for stewardship and sustainable practices and a detailed explanation of how and why the Green New Deal can address the systemic changes needed is presented with clarity and without pretense. Klein is convincing in the picture she paints for the quality (albeit very different) life we can have under the Green New Deal and why it is more affordable and practical than critics portray.