The Memorial Endowment Trust provides a perpetual, prudently managed fund for generous legacy giving to support the UUCC, its present and future members, and its liberal religious mission. Ours is a supportive and giving community, we acknowledge our generous contributors from January 1-September 30, 2020.

Total Contributed January 1 – Sept. 30, 2020     $50,293.58


Estate of Judy Ghoneim
Wake Now Our Vision Campaign
Jack Beatty
Ann & G H Dornblazer
Carter & Cathlean Utzig
Charles & Lois Lee
Charlotte Garden Club
Dale & Sage Brook
David Jones & Elizabeth R Morrow
Denise Weldon
Doris Browder
Elaine & Richard Kushmaul
F Fincher Jarrell
Jan & Patrick McNeely
Janet & Ron Zick
Jane Kusterer
Jean Johnson
Joy Bruce
Judy Baker
Judy Douglas
Justin & Janet Hunt
Kack & Jim Hardin
Keith & Mary Wilson
Laurie Reed
Liz & Richard Pratt
Lucy & Timothy Smallreed
Marsha Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Law
Mr. & Mrs. William Dysard Jr
Pete & Pat Parks
Randolph & Anna Kixmiller
Randy & Barbara Whitt
Rich & Nancy Greene
Richard Osborne
Ron Spake
Sage Brook
Scott & Cindy Schattenfield
Susan Cox
Victor & Lucille Wray
William & Bronah Livingston

In Memory of:

Shirley Wagner
Sharon Baker’s Sister, Lori Baker Acquaotta
Lee Movius
Barbara Louise Leach
Helen B Rudisill  (Melissa Mummert’s Grandmother)

In Honor of:

Randall Hartsell
Richard Pratt’s Leadership of the Endowment Trust
Janet Zick’s Small Group Ministry