A technical glitch, while frustrating, can also be an opportunity. Some of you may recall a live-streamed Sunday service last November that was missing the video feed. After that broadcast, staff was grateful for feedback from many of you that was understanding and affirming – we were (and are) still learning. We were particularly surprised, though, to hear from several of you who appreciated the chance to simply listen to the service, and we began the work of creating an audio podcast.

As a result, our website now includes audio material that can be downloaded from the website itself and accessed on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other podcast apps. You can visit the podcast page here: https://uuccharlotte.org/podcasts/ and subscribe on your favorite podcast app to listen anywhere at any time.*

It takes time to build a library so we are populating this initially with our Sunday services.  Over time, we plan to include other offerings such as the sermon portions of our services, Credo sessions, ARESD classes, and content for children and youth.  In time we anticipate creating audio material specifically in the format of podcasts.  This will be another portal by which we can communicate with, inform, and educate the congregation.

*Let us know if you don’t see our podcast on your favorite app.