Introducing our Religious Education Leadership: Lisa Walls, Contracted Coordinator of Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE)

For four consecutive issues of Currents, we’re running articles introducing the four fabulous members of our congregation who have agreed to serve in contracted positions to coordinate our religious education programming for all ages this year.

This week, meet Lisa Walls.

After serving as our Coordinator of CYRE for the past six months, we were delighted that Lisa agreed to continue in that role for the duration of this congregational year.

Lisa has been a member of the UUCC for 19 years. She was born and raised in New Jersey but has lived in North Carolina for long enough to be a Southerner by proxy.

Lisa’s husband of 21 years is Rob Walls. Together they have two “young adult” children Jonathan and Amanda who grew up in the UUCC. Lisa was first introduced to our congregation through the Open Door School and was attracted to the open-minded and progressive programs we offered for youth.

This contract role is not unfamiliar to Lisa as she served as a part-time interim administrative assistant for our CYRE program for a brief period in the early 2000s.

Lisa has predominantly been involved in the many aspects of our CYRE program for preschool through high school-age youth. She began her volunteer career at the UUCC by teaching the preschool curriculum SpiritPlay and making hands-on props to accompany the storytelling at the heart of each lesson. Lisa has chaperoned all sorts of events including trips to Mountain Cons, UU heritage trips to Boston, Charlotte Cons, Choir Trips, etc. Lisa has been the Coming of Age Facilitator for the past 10 years, taught Our Whole Lives comprehensive sexuality education for Senior High youth for about 8 years, and has served as chair of the CYRE Team. Lisa has been actively involved with the annual Luna Rising event since its beginning 11 years ago and has served on the Luna Planning Committee for 4 of those years. Lisa has been involved with other earth-based events, including co-founding the Women’s Full Moon Circle and assisting with the Winter Solstice Gatherings.

Lisa is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked for Mecklenburg County in the area of child welfare for over 11 years and has a passion for advocating for and working with children and families.

Outside of the UUCC, Lisa has a multitude of varied interests and hobbies that include gardening and canning, virtually any craft, making homemade cleaning products, creating things out of recyclable/reusable materials, and drumming to name a few.

Please reach out to congratulate and welcome Lisa in this new iteration of her work with us!