As the alarming consequences of the still-raging pandemic persist, we are continuing to try to find our way as a community. We’re all deeply frustrated by our inability to gather and feel profoundly the loss of time shared together. It is remarkable what we’ve been able to create and sustain through technology, but screen time just doesn’t compare to a face-to-face experience.

For now, it is imperative that we continue to have both our building and our grounds closed to congregational activities. Not only are we not equipped to do what is necessary to assure safe gatherings, but we currently have no capacity to clean our building sufficiently to be confident that simple acts like going inside to use the restrooms, get some water, or simply cool off can be done safely.

So, some are now asking, might we have small outdoor gatherings conducted in compliance with the best and safest practices in these times? All that we currently know suggests that our answer can be . . . yes. So, for example, our hiking group will recommence scheduling shared hikes under strict guidelines. We will explore other possibilities, ways to get small groups together outdoors in parks, members’ yards, or other settings.

Watch for possibilities in the coming days. As always, our first priority will continue to be a commitment to put safety and public health first.

Please stay safe and keep connecting through our streaming services and other opportunities.