Working with the Communications Team, UUCC staff has reviewed and updated the Rules and Guidelines for the UUCC Members’ Facebook Group with the intention of clarifying the purpose of the group and policies around posting. The new guidelines are below and posted on the UUCC Members’ Facebook Group page.

1 Intention

The UUCC Members’ Facebook Group is a welcoming, inclusive online space where members can connect and share information. It serves current UUCC members who ask to join and agree to group posting rules. Per UUCC Communications Policy [link], social media channels should not be used to contact staff.

2 Standards for Posting or Commenting

Before posting or commenting, members are asked to consider whether the content they intend to share aligns with the UUCC’s Vision and Mission. Facebook’s Community Standards [link], the UUCC Covenant of Right Relations [link], and the Covenant of Right Relations Policy [link] all apply.

3 Disallowed Posts

Bullying and hate speech are not allowed. No inflammatory or mean-spirited posts or comments. No posts or comments promoting fundraising, business solicitation, political parties, or candidates. Avoid discussing topics sensitive to the congregation that would be better addressed directly and/or in person. If members are unsure whether to post, they should take time to reflect before sending and/or reach out to staff/group admins for guidance.

4 Post Tone

Posts should be respectful and in keeping with UU Principles and the UUCC’s Vision, Mission, and Ends. Posts should encourage positive interactions that increase bonds and community rather than division. Due to the disconnected nature of social media and the increased likelihood of misunderstanding without the visual and auditory cues available in face-to-face conversation, the UUCC Members’ Facebook Group is not an appropriate space for debate or discussion of potentially conflictual topics.

5 Post Frequency

Members should limit their posts to two or three a week so that a few voices do not dominate the page. Comments to posts can be unlimited in number as long as they are in keeping with standards and guidelines.

6 Administrators

UUCC staff will serve as group administrators with the authority to delete posts and restrict or remove members who do not abide by the rules.

7 Photos

Anyone posting to the UUCC Members’ Facebook Group is encouraged to use original photos of our members and events.

8 Children

Photos of children must be approved by Lifespan Religious Education staff before posting unless the photo is posted by a parent/guardian of the child in the photo. Children cannot be identified by name in a post.