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Taiji Quan Martial Arts

Saturdays – November 12, November 19, and December 3
11 a.m. in the UUCC Parking Lot or Freeman Hall

For Highschoolers and Adults — Join us for three upcoming Saturday mornings for an Introduction to Tai Chi, or Taiji Quan martial arts taught by Charles Lee. Instruction will be given in the 234 parking lot, weather permitting, or alternatively, in Freeman Hall.

Taiji Quan’s literal translation is great (Tai) ultimate (ji) fist (Quan) and is very popular for its health benefits and meditative effects. The slow, continuous, flowing movements result in calmness, the release of stress and tension, and heightened awareness of the body in relation to the environment. Taiji Quan – Chen style characteristics are spiral movements alternating between slow and fast movements, but all the movements can also be done slowly.

A little history of Taiji Quan:

Chen style Taiji was originally developed in the 1600s as a martial art and used for self-defense. Other styles – Yang, Wu, Sun, and Wu – came after and had roots in the Chen Style. Yang style is the most popular in the Western World with all the movements being slow. This style stresses balance, fluidity, control, and breathing.

Instructor Charles Lee was a student of Master Adam Hsu in San Francisco, a highly regarded Northern Style Kung Fu Master, learning Northern Style Kung fu. Charles started learning Chen Style Taiji while he was there and is currently working locally to complete his first form.

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn about the full integration of body, mind, and behavior.

Register here: https://bit.ly/UUCCTaiChi2022.

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