Board Approval of Task Group Draft of Covenant of Right Relations and

Schedule for Zoom Meetings for Members of UUCC to Discuss the Draft

One of the Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte (UUCC) Board of Trustees’ recent priorities has been for the UUCC to establish a Covenant of Right Relations, similar to those in place at many Unitarian Universalist congregations and recommended by the Unitarian Universalist Association. In the fall of 2019, the Board appointed an ad hoc task group to draft a Covenant of Right Relations for our Community.

Throughout last year the Right Relations Task Group gathered information and feedback from many sources and drafted a covenant that was presented to the Board in the fall of 2020. The Board thoroughly reviewed the draft and provided feedback that was incorporated in a version approved by the Board in January 2021. The Board intends to have a vote to establish this covenant as a guiding document for our Community at the June 2021 congregational conversation. In advance of this vote, the Board and Task Group held a series of Zoom meetings on the covenant and its background and purpose, the last of which was held on May 2.

Your comments and questions are welcome anytime and may be submitted to Current members of the Right Relations Task Group are Rob Marcy, Barbara Devinney, and Bill Gay, Chair.  You may also contact Catherine Barnes or David Reynolds on the Board of Trustees.

The Board approved Draft of Covenant of Right Relations for UUCC:

UUCC Covenant of Right Relations

As members of the Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte, we are committed to the seven Unitarian Universalist principles, respect the Vision and the Mission of the Unitarian Universalist Community of Charlotte, and embrace being a Welcoming Congregation.  We strive to treat others with dignity and respect, to care about and to be connected to one another, and to listen to others in an open-minded manner.  We make the following promises to further our path in being the loving, liberating religious community that our Vision calls on us to be.

Speak for ourselves and listen to others with attention and kindness;

Understand that we are all works in progress in our life journeys, and recognize that others face both joys and challenges that may be unknown to us, as ours are to them;

Welcome members and visitors alike with warmth and hospitality;

Remain open to understanding that we can learn and grow from our connections to others and to differing viewpoints;

Embrace the diversity among us, knowing it makes the UUCC a stronger, more loving and compassionate community;

Give of ourselves to the UUCC as a whole, to individual members and to those in the larger community as we are able;

Respect that our membership makes decisions by seeking unity and consensus among our members, enacting changes by majority vote, which may not align with our personal desires;

Accept reminders of our covenant when others may feel that we’re failing to adhere to these promises, committing to resolve conflicts by engaging in potentially difficult conversations without straying from our promise to treat others with love, respect, and dignity.