In these thirty-minute sessions, the presenters share their spiritual journey and speak about what they give their hearts to.

Join us for a Credo presentation on Sun., November 22 at 10:30 a.m. by Ron Spake.  He joined the UUCC in 2014 while seeking a place that was honestly accepting and lived its values.  Raised in the Protestant faith, Ron was entering the ministry and realized that being told what to believe as well as when and what to say from a religious standpoint was not what he was willing to do as a career.  He changed paths and decided to take his life into his own hands.  While always blaming others for the mishaps in his life wasn’t correcting the situation, Ron decided to take charge and follow his own spiritual and gratitude-filled path, which grants him peace and value in his daily life.  Finding the UUCC and living its Principles through action added a change in his spirituality that feeds his love of others and life.

Watch recordings of previous sessions below.

Watch Jolena James-Szanton’s Credo presentation from October 25.

Shannon Maples presented her Credo on Sept 27, 2020 via Zoom.

Tom Bowers shared his Credo on August 23 via Zoom.

Watch Joe Argent present his Credo on July 26 via Zoom. 

Ryan Feely presented his Credo from The Mountain on June 21 via Zoom. Enjoy!

Cate Stroud presented her Credo on May 24 via Zoom.  You may watch the recording here:

David Flynn presented his Credo on April 26 via Zoom.  You can watch it here:

Alex Creech presented her Credo on March 29 via Zoom. You can watch it here:

Here are written samples of Past Credo Presentations:

July 26 with Doug Sea
August 23 with Courtney McLaughlin
November 22 with Barbara Conrad

November 2017 with Edie Gelber-Beechler


April 2018 Kelly Greene
Credo – Fred Dodson
Judy Reynolds Credo

Judy Love Credo


Credo-Bill-Gay-2242019 (1)

Credo-Bob Gorman

Credo-June Blotnick

 Credo Slides 8 25 19 June Blotnick

CREDO by Manny Allen 10-27-19

Melanie Greely November 2019 


CREDO by Carol Rousey 1-202