“And, what hope does it hold?”
Reflecting on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict
Jay Leach, Minister; John Herrick, music
Reflections from Rabbi Asher Knight and Imam John Ederer

Sunday, June 13 streaming at 9:30 a.m.

image of Rabbi Asher Knight

Rabbi Asher Knight

image of Imam John Ederer

Imam John Ederer

Asked to describe our liberating faith, I often say that we are very much a religion of the world as we know it.  For us religion is less about speculations into the unknown and more about reflecting on what is transpiring in the here-and-now.  We are as likely to appeal to the morning news as to a sacred text; more apt to concern ourselves with some current struggle for justice than with an ancient claim about how things should be.

This Sunday’s service will serve as an example.  In recent days, our attention has been drawn yet again to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. We’ll reflect on that longstanding conflict when we “gather” this week.

I am honored that two collegial friends have accepted my invitation to offer their perspectives.  Rabbi Asher Knight is Senior Rabbi at Temple Beth El here in Charlotte and Imam John Ederer is the Imam of the Muslim Community Center of Charlotte.  Both will contribute reflections to this service.

We’re accessing music from that area, engaging recorded offerings spanning the gap between Palestinian and Israeli cultures.

Join us for the first service in our new summer schedule.  Sunday’s service will stream at 9:30 a.m. when we’ll interact as usual with one another on our public Facebook page.  Should you miss it then, it will remain available for viewing thereafter.

Jay Leach, minister