A number of you have reached out directly or through our UUCC Families Facebook page to welcome our newly hired part-time Coordinator of Religious Education for Children and Youth (CYRE), Lisa Walls, and to convey gratitude for the skills, experience, and commitment Lisa brings to her new role.

Lisa dove into her work this past week, contacting parents and caregivers to introduce herself and provide necessary class information, assisting CYRE teaching teams, and organizing another round of Activity Bag pickups among other things. It’s already quite clear how fortunate we are that Lisa agreed to take on this part-time role to help us maintain our current CYRE programming in the time between the retirement of our Director of CYRE, Kathleen Carpenter, and the future hiring of an Interim Lifespan Religious Educator.

Because Lisa is part-time, she will need to focus solely on the coordination of our existing programming. Minister, Eve Stevens is also a resource for children, youth, and families and is working closely with Lisa and will help with needs that go beyond the coordinator role with the additional support of our CYRE and Family Ministry Teams. You can reach Lisa at cyre@uuccharlotte.org and Eve at eve@uuccharlotte.org.

We began 2021 with continued gratitude for Kathleen’s years of service to our congregation and thank you for turning out to help us celebrate Kathleen’s many meaningful contributions to this community, sending her off into retirement with love and appreciation.

Lisa and Eve are committed to carrying forward programming for children, youth, and families continuing to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and social connection. Lisa and Eve care deeply about our CYRE program and value above all the children, youth, and families who participate in this loving, liberating community.

We look forward to the months of programming ahead!