Like so many things during this pandemic year, the 2021 election of Board of Trustees members presents us with unusual opportunities and challenges. In June we will have five names on the ballot instead of the usual three.

One will be Sam Visco. The board selected her after a resignation this fall, and the congregation will be asked to confirm her for the remainder of the term. The choice of a younger member was influenced by the board’s reading of “Widening the Circle of Concern,” published in 2020 by the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change. It challenges us to rethink the way we do things, and we encourage members to read it and look for future discussions.

When we received a second resignation, we decided it was time to take another look at how we choose nominees and prepare them for the work. The current board started with an evaluation of its own strengths and weaknesses. We found room to improve the direction that’s given to the nominating committee, as well as the instruction that’s provided to prospective nominees and newly elected trustees.

We have now established our nominating committee–Colin Hood, Mike Long and Margie Storch. We’d like you to help them — and us — by updating your online member profile to help us identify the diverse qualities that would strengthen the board. Board members must have at least two years of UUCC membership. Beyond that, we’re looking for a strong grounding in the UU’s seven principles, engagement with key elements of our program, diversity of community connections and life experiences, and anything that might prove helpful in policy governance leadership, such as nonprofit board experience, community organizing and experience in marketing and policy writing.

We would appreciate it if members could go to the “I have served” tab in their member profiles and check the updated options for involvement. Additionally, you can fill out a volunteer interest form and check the box for “Board of Trustees” on our UUCC website.

We consider this a first step toward a more inclusive path to congregational leadership, one the new members will help shape in the coming year. And we’ll also look for new ways to engage with the congregation — online while that’s necessary, in person when conditions allow. We hope to come through this as a more energetic, inclusive and resilient leadership team.

Thank you —

Your UUCC Board of Trustees