Virtual Coffee Hour begins when the service concludes, and ends by 1 p.m.

You can join us each week at this same Zoom link:

One of the ways we’ve been able to count on seeing other members of our congregational community has been at Virtual Coffee Hour each Sunday following the service.

We spend our time together in Coffee Hour in different ways each Sunday of the month. Here is what you can expect week by week. Whether you attend each week or have yet to give it a try, we hope to see you there soon.

First Sundays – Competitive Team Games

After joining us in the Zoom Room, you’ll be placed on a team with other UUCC members and visitors. The Coffee Hour host will lead you and your team through a series of competitive games that we hope appeal to a variety of age groups and skill sets such as Trivia, Scattergories, Pictionary, Balderdash, and Word Puzzles.

Second Sundays – Small Group Personal Sharing

Soon after joining us in the Zoom Room, the Coffee Hour host will introduce a question or share a reading to spark conversation. You’ll be placed in a breakout room with three or four other people to take turns responding to the prompt you’ve just heard.

If you find large-group Zoom gatherings over-whelming, this is a good way to connect with others in our congregation through thoughtful conversation in small groups.

Depending on timing, there may be multiple rounds of conversation.

Third Sundays – Interest Swaps

After entering the Zoom room, the Coffee Hour host will introduce the interest swap theme (examples include: books, movies, shows, outdoor activities, or recipes) and invite participants to share their latest recommendations with one another. The Interest swap theme will be shared on the UUCC calendar and on our Facebook pages so you can come prepared with a recommendation.

Depending on the number of people present, sharing may take place as a large group or in small groups.

Fourth Sundays – Large Group Check-In

In this format, we will remain all together in one group while the Coffee Hour host calls on each participant in turn asking them to take around 2 minutes to share how they’ve been over the past mont