For 25 years, our youth have prepared and shared their personal credos as part of our congregation’s biennial high school youth Coming of Age (COA) Program.  But did you know their mentors have also shared theirs?  Ten years ago, this became an expectation of all mentors.  And while the youth in this year’s program have not yet prepared their credos due to “pandemic delay,”  the mentors presented theirs in the program’s May (Zoom) meeting.  Links to many of them can be found below.

When the pandemic’s stay-at-home mandate began in March, several key elements of the COA Program had yet to take place. We knew we’d have to be creative to keep the youth engaged.  They not only missed their spring retreat but also their April meeting during which their mentors were slated to present their credos.  And, of course, the  May celebratory banquet and service could not be held.  It is during this service that the youth present their credos and honor their mentors.

As such, Program coordinators stepped back to revamp the program. Thanks to Zoom, monthly meetings were held in March, April, and May (with a June meeting planned) which covered all the program elements except the outdoor vision quest and the evening gender spirit ceremonies. We are hoping to create those opportunities in the fall and then finish up with the banquet.

Below are links to 13 of the mentor credos.  Remember, the guiding question is not, “What do you believe?” but rather, “To what do you give your heart?”  Many thanks to these UUCC members who agreed to share their credos here.

Bill Gay

Carol Hartley

Cate Stroud

David Flynn

Debbie Rubenstein

Emily Boone

Eric Willhelm

Kurt Merkle

Kelly Greene

Linn Martin

Rebecca Jones

Rich Greene

Rita Singer